Mariano Zamorano, manufacturer for swords, sabres, daggers, etc… We, MARIANO ZAMORANO have kept the craftsmanship of the Toledo Sword from the very beginning; this craftsmanship has continued from generation to generation by keeping the craftsmanship of this historical city and so our swords are unique all over the world.


Chronicles, legends and miracles remind us that the craft of the sword has always been linked to Toledo.
The splendor of the Toledo sword is reached in the Middle Ages, when it appears sharp and fine, garnished in its grip after the cross of hawks, hand guards, bows and cups.


Workshop that has been declared of “Special Artisan Interest” by the Regional Government of Castilla- La Mancha”.

MARIANO ZAMORANO has maintained craft manufacture of the art of SWORDS, why has received the PLATE TO THE EVIDENTIAL FORCE CRAFTSMAN.

MARIANO ZAMORANO has received this RECOGNITION for his MERITS and his RECOGNIZED work and CRAFT career as a spade.

The company of MARIANO ZAMORANO, ESPADAS TOLEDANAS has been recognized by a superior service for having consistently received good reviews on TripAdvisor. Thank you!